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Permission plugins

Permission management plugins are important on every server; from a small server with friends to the biggest networks. With permissions you decide what features your players can and can't access. In this document, you'll find a list of the most popular permission plugins, sorted from most common to least common.


LuckPerms is a widely used, community-favoured permissions plugin. It has more than 1 million downloads and is arguably the most intuitive, thanks to numerous features including:

  • A web editor, with a great overview and support for bulk editing.
  • Verbose system, listing permission checks of other plugins in real-time.
  • Easy to use, tab-completed editing functionality in-game.
  • Migration functionality from other permission plugins.

If you have a small server with straight forward permissions, you might want to look to an other plugin, as luckperms is really extensive.


GroupManager doesn't have as many features as LuckPerms, but is great for novices who need all the necessary features for their Minecraft server. It's been downloaded 400,000 times and supports inheritance of permissions, but it has only one track.


LightPerms is the "most basic permission plugin ever". Its features are straightforward, light and easy to use, and is therefore good for less demanding users. If you host a small server, such as only for your friends, you might want to look into this plugin.

It can do the following:

  • Make groups and add players to a group
  • Add permissions to groups or individual players
  • Reload and list groups


The developers of PermissionsEx are working towards a new version, supporting the latest version of Minecraft. At the time of writing the latest stable version is from early 2016. The new version is still under heavy development, so it's not advised to use this plugin at this moment. Functions in the pipeline are:

  • Tab complete
  • Context system (permissions per server, world, etc.)
  • Rank ladders/tracks